Our Impact

Youth Impacted

TOTAL: 3,979
FY2014 – 198
FY2015 – 368
FY2016 – 579
FY2017 – 782
FY2018 – 988
FY2019 – 1064

Number of Programs

TOTAL: 159
FY2014 – 6
FY2015 – 20
FY2016 – 22
FY2017 – 29
FY2018 – 31
FY2019 – 51

Key Evaluation Results:

Our survey results are proving success in achieving our #1 goal of increasing youth’s empathetic capabilities.

Because we know building meaningful relationships with youth participants is a key ingredient to achieving our empathy results, we also measure our ability to:

How We Track Our Progress

Mirror Image Arts values program evaluation. Through internal and external evaluation we track our progress towards or goal of creating the leaders of tomorrow through:

  • Participation in the Youth Program Quality Assessments Model (YPQA) developed by the Weikert Center.
  • Participant post-program surveys.
  • Staff observation reports.
  • Written feedback from program staff, participants, teachers, and school administration.
  • Attendance tracking.

Our Community is Saying…

This group was the first time I felt like I didn’t have to put up a guard, like I could just be myself.

– Restorative Theatre, Youth Participant

Having folks come into our community and do Theatre from the ground up, stirred up quite a buzz, and awakened our neighborhood.

-It Starts With Us, Community Partner

Beyond this world…I feel like this program helped me think about people in a whole new way.

-Your Voice, Youth Participant

Youth Output Letter