Timesha Sumpter

Timesha holds an Associate of Arts Degree in psychology from Pikes Peak Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Colorado State University, Pueblo. Currently she is enrolled at Argosy University, Denver, where she will complete a Master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology. She feels a deep appreciation for the many disciplines of psychology, but knows there are many ways to study and explore human behavior, which is what drew her to theater. Upon moving to Denver in 2015, she began honing her craft through improvisation and dance classes and exploring cultural arts festivals. She has performed with the Romero Troupe, Mercury Café and The Source Theatre Company. Timesha values theatre as a platform to freely express herself, to artfully share and create stories, and to hear stories from others. She is drawn to work at Mirror Image Arts because the programs enable youth to reflect, and develop empathy and compassion which is needed now more than ever.