Raquel Hurrieta

Raquel Hurrieta has been an actress since she was 12 years old and has always had a passion for helping people. Her first act of inspiring the community was with the Athena Project when she was 12 where she had the opportunity to speak up and show other girls how powerful they are. She has been on 9News speaking about how girls should be encouraged to have a voice. When Raquel was 13 years old she reached out to Mirror Image Arts, and got involved with helping them build a six week after school program that would give kids the tools to stand up against bullying. She then grew her involvement and joined their Youth Advisory Team (YAT) in 2014. YAT was really inspiring to her and helped her grow and be able to speak out against unjust situations. At school, she is now able to speak out against kids that are making someone feel unwelcome. Through her experience with programs like Mirror Image Arts, she now has the confidence to speak up against bullying. She is excited to grow in her new role as Advisory Board member.