Kari Knutson

Kari Knutson is an educational professional with over 20 years of experience in K-12, higher education, community organizations, and state and local governments. She is a professional speaker, trainer, consultant and counselor. Her company, Knutson Consulting, is focused on helping people transform their organizations through developing interpersonal skills and bridging cultural and communication divides. Kari received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Cornell College in Iowa. After college she earned her Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Appalachian State University in North Carolina and then, another Master’s degree in Counseling from Gallaudet University in Washington DC. Kari later attended International Summer School at the University of Oslo in Norway where she received a Certificate in Special Needs Education. Kari is an avid traveler who has traveled solo to 13 countries and has a vast knowledge of different cultural practices and perspectives, as well as different signed and spoken languages. She is also fluent in American Sign Language.

Kari is currently the school counselor at Crown Pointe Academy, a fantastic charter school in Westminster, Colorado. In addition, she serves as the anti-bully consultant to the City of Westminster Park and Recreation Department where she gives presentations to parents, conducts workshops with staff, and serves as the intervention specialist.