A special gathering of theatre and non-theatre folks alike joined to participate in our workshop earlier this Summer at Sol Vida Dance on Colfax. It is all well and fine to have a program planned and polished on paper, but it is something else all together to make a program work in action. We found out some pretty amazing things about ourselves, our friends and colleagues over the two weekends. We learned:

  • That we are not alone in wanting to help young people have a safe place to learn about and express their experience with bullying.
  • Our program can and should¬† have flexibility to reach as many diverse communities as possible.
  • Hard work pays off, but it often begets more hard work.

Not discouraged by this by any means, we moved onto our first step in bringing Mirror Image Arts to our audience, the student. Our target audience group is middle school children. With the help of Sol Vida and our plethora of workshop participants we pushed the needle to the next chapter…The pilot program.¬† More on that later~

Enjoy some photos from our workshop!