Theatre In and After School

“Your Voice” Arts Education and Social Emotional Well Being

Frankie, Taylor, TJ, and Alex have been friends forever, but in a matter of hours everything changes. A joke goes too far, a mean moment explodes into a social media frenzy, and a conflict over sharing a secret leaves everyone feeling isolated. This play and series of social-emotional skill building sessions takes a deep dive into exploring the complexity of relationships and bullying dynamics, and empowers young people to use their voice for inclusion, empathy, and understanding.

Participants will be able to:
Practice and demonstrate empathy.
Identify the difference between joking, mean moments, bullying, and conflict.
Reflect on their own experiences through the scenarios in the play.
Perform new choices that could be made in conflict and bullying situations.

This series includes the following curricula for Youth (Ages 8-21):
Your Voice Matters – One Time, 90 minutes
Finding Your Voice – 6-14 sessions, 60-90 minutes
Shaping Your Voice – 6-12 sessions, 60-90 minutes
You, Me, We! – 5-6 sessions, 60 minutes


Theatre In Juvenile Justice Centers

“Restorative Theatre”

“Restorative Theatre” creates a supportive and collaborative environment inside of the juvenile justice system for young men (Ages 13-21) to reclaim their value by deepening their understanding of self through building acting skills, participating in storytelling, and devising an original performance.

Participants will be able to:
Feel a sense of community in the prison system.
Understand what is their personal choice and responsibility.
Construct personal narrative.
Engage in mindfulness practices and reflection.
Utilize expressive arts as a tool to cope.


Theatre In Community

“It Starts With Us”

Theatre artists have the ability to create reflections of our community and current state. These reflections provide the audience with the objectivity required for healthy dialogue about factors that are affecting their social-emotional well being. This dialogue helps to challenge our perceptions of other people who think, feel, or act differently than we do. Through our Community Responsive Theatre-making approach, we employ creative techniques that empower community members to participate in the process of making theatre that truly reflects their experiences in order to promote understanding, empathy and compassion.


Theatre for Professional Development

“Rehearsal for Reality” – Professional Development for Youth Leaders

Adapted from our 90 minute “Your Voice Matters” program. Youth leaders work to strengthen their understanding of the bullying system and participate in a rehearsal for reality where they experiment with using their authentic voice to intervene in mean moments, bullying, and conflict while showing empathy to all involved.

Participants will be able to:
Define bullying and empathy.
Differentiate between joking, mean moments, bullying, and conflict.
Identify ways to intervene and support young people.
Support teammates in conversations about youth behaviour through empathy.


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