Through the unique nature of its programs, Mirror Image Arts is able to help youth quickly relate to and resolve the complex and conflicting situations they and others around them constantly face – transforming bystanders into Upstanders and unlocking the natural empathetic capabilities of ALL. Empowering them to believe that their voice matters and that they are vital to the solution. Mirror Image Arts is impacting those in need, those who currently have no options or the knowledge that options exist, by providing youth a vehicle for change at one of the most important and impressionable time in their lives.


interactive session
Mirror Image Arts came in and showed our students what bullying looks like in a way that no online video or lecture could. Professional actors performed a real life situation and then students had the opportunity to ask the characters questions about their motives and how they felt about what just happened. It was eye opening for me to hear the questions our kids came up with and I know it gave them a lot to think about.
— Jessica Beegle, Community Engagement Specialist, DPS


interactive session
I thought the presentation was great! The skit was very relevant to what kids go through and they really enjoyed the acting. The breakout sessions were very engaging for the students as well. It was fun watching their excitement to be involved. I also really liked the diversity of the actors. We would love to have them back next year!
— Jenny Rojas, Rocky Mountain Elementary School


interactive session
I would like to thank you and your team for an amazing presentation. I feel there was great communication in the organization putting this project together. With the growth of this foundation we will able to create rippling effects in our community and in the lives of our young people. I am proud that we were able to bring this program to our community. This is just the beginning. I look forward to continuing our work together.
— Louie Lopez, Gangs Response Intervention Program


interactive session
What I noticed is that the students were really engaged! I think after this presentation the students all have a very clear understanding of what bullying means, and how they can help a bullying situation without putting themselves in danger. Thank you!!
–Lesja Crall, Rocky Mountain Elementary School


interactive session
Mirror Image Arts was an amazing workshop for our students! Everything was so well planned and timed. Starting with the group discussion and the interactive warm up got the kids engaged right away. The play was very well done, and the questioning of the characters and the group activity to identify with the characters was extremely useful and purposeful. Hearing the characters resolve their issues at the end brought closure to the workshop and helped the students see how things might play out in their own lives. This experience was valuable to each of our students and I am grateful that they had the opportunity to participate! Thank you to the facilitators for a job well done!
— Lisa Goebel, Timberline Mountain Elementary School