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Mirror Image was brought into existence as a nonprofit in 2008 by Erin Jorgenson. Under her leadership, Mirror Image utilized theatre as a tool for youth to learn about and discuss eating disorders and positive body image. In 2012, a new staff and board of directors took the reigns and reorganized as Mirror Image Arts. The direction of the organization was evaluated, and after serious soul searching, the decision was made to elevate the mission beyond eating disorders to ensure additional social impact issues could be addressed. Our mission became…

Mirror Image Arts uses theatre as language to inspire dialogue, encourage awareness, and promote action in order to build a stronger, compassionate, and empowered community.

Under the leadership of Andrea Rabold and Laura Adducci, a new program was created focusing on bullying prevention. While this may seem like an abrupt shift; the idea started with a community needs assessment and the further we explored it, the more intuitive it became. By focusing on bullying prevention, we realized we could better address the root cause of a number of issues our youth are facing. Upon further exploration, we also found methods pioneered and proven by the likes of Augusto Boal, Michael Rohd and Dorothy Heathcote for using theatre to not only engage audiences and create dialogue but also build life skills such as empathy, problem solving, critical thinking, and effective communication.

By shifting our program focus and enhancing our curriculums with skill-building activities, we not only stayed true to our original mission, we broadened our impact.