Long Term Vision

Mirror Image Arts

Strategic GrowthPlan Overview

MIA’s Passion and Purpose are to DISRUPT the School-to-Prison Pipeline. This will be fulfilled by MIA working to:


MIA’s Parameters for the next 10 years are to work only within the Metropolitan Denver Area (MDA), and for the next five years to focus predominantly upon Denver Public Schools’ young people as the population for positive impact.

MIA’s Pursuit is to enable young people, ages 7-21 (predominantly)¹, to REFLECT, RECLAIM and REHEARSE for REALITIES for their past, present and future. MIA will positively impact school districts and juvenile justice centers within the greater Denver Metropolitan Area by expanding and deepening its work with young people in those schools and centers.

¹ Please note: NOT directly working with the families of the specified young persons is a conscious decision made by MIA. To divert our efforts directly towards families requires skill sets, expertise and capacities not inherent in MIA. However, we believe that by positively impacting students we will have a secondary effect upon the families and peers of those with whom we work within the specified schools and juvenile justice centers.

MIA’s Particulars are rooted in the employment of Trusted Adults who are specifically trained to use Theatre Arts, trauma-informed care, and culturally responsive teaching practices to help young people find their own voice through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). MIA’s specifically-trained Trusted Adults (aka Program Managers, Program Coordinators and Program Actors/Facilitators) will all eventually be full-time employees who are eligible, if/when needed, for overtime compensation and benefits. This is in keeping with the highest requirements and ethical standards of employment and regulatory compliance.

MIA’s Potential is to positively and directly impact as many as 10,000 participants² per year.

Financial Breakdown Mia Strategic Plan

² Participants, the total number of young people participating in programmatic sessions. The actual number of impacted individuals—without overlap—will vary from semester to semester and year to year.

MIA’s Progress will be measured in 7 + 5 ways:

  1. Staying focused upon the strategies, ideals and commitments in this Plan;
  2. Cultivating and engaging a loyal, committed and energized base of supporting individuals, foundations, institutions, government agencies and related leaders, businesses, and like-minded organizations to DISRUPT the school-to-prison pipeline throughout the Denver Metropolitan Area;
  3. Securing an ever-growing funding stream needed to fulfill this Plan;
  4. Perfecting the recruiting, equipping and retaining of exceptional people as full-time staff who are wholeheartedly in sync with MIA and its Passion and Purpose;
  5. Forging enduring, deepening and expanding relationships with schools and juvenile justice centers for continual engagement with young people within their jurisdictions;
  6. Experiencing thousands of young people’s lives impacted by MIA’s Pursuit of “Reflect, Reclaim and Rehearse for Realities” that can also be documented, communicated and utilized to create greater awareness, attention and action in perpetually disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline; and
  7. Building a strong, safe, secure and stable organization that is a magnet for others who want to be a part of something that powerfully and creatively alters the destinies of young people we serve, and through them to influence their peers, their families, their communities and the contribution of others throughout their own lives.


  1. Cultivated institutional demand for services with corresponding venues and schedules.
  2. Recruiting and retaining full-time staff to meet generated demand.
  3. Funding to meet commitments while building a reasonable cash reserve.
  4. Having former participants become full-time employees as Program Actor/Facilitators. This will assist MIA in becoming more diverse and able to more thoroughly connect with those whom we serve in schools and juvenile justice centers.
  5. Understanding the statistical impact MIA has on DISRUPT-ing the school-to-prison pipeline.

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