Board Member Job Description

Expectations of the Board as a Whole:

The mission of Mirror Image Arts is to use theatre as language to inspire dialogue, encourage awareness and promote action in order to build a strong, compassionate and empowered community.

As the highest leadership body of the organization and to satisfy its fiduciary duties, the board is responsible for:

  • Determining the mission and purposes of the organization.
  • Selecting the Executive Director.
  • Evaluating the performance of the Executive Director by building a yearly plan with a semi-annual review process.
  • Strategic and organizational planning.
  • Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management.
  • Fundraising and resource development.
  • Approving and monitoring Mirror Image Arts programs and services.
  • Enhancing Mirror Image Arts’ public image.
  • Assessing its own performance as the governing body.
  • Ensure Mirror Image Arts’ commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects the communities Mirror Image Arts serves.
  • Identification and recruitment of highly qualified board members.

Expectations of Individual Board Members:

  • Each individual board member is expected to know the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs.
  • Faithfully read and understand the organization’s financial statements.
  • Serve as active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and fully engage in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for Mirror Image Arts to advance its mission.
  • Leverage connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action to fully achieve Mirror Image Arts’ mission.
  • Give a meaningful personal financial donation.
  • Serve as a trusted advisor to the Executive Director as s/he develops and implements Mirror Image Arts’ strategic plan.
  • Help identify personal connections that can benefit the organization’s fundraising and reputational standing, and can influence public policy.
  • Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in board meetings (monthly).
  • Observe a program or rehearsal at least twice/yr.
  • Follow the organization’s bylaws, policies, and board resolutions.
  • Sign an annual conflict-of-interest disclosure and update it during the year if necessary, as well as disclose potential conflicts before meetings and actual conflicts during meetings.
  • Maintain confidentiality about all internal matters of Mirror Image Arts.

Board Fundraising


Each board member is required to attend and participate in our events: Brews & News, I Got Your Back Gala, and Colfax Marathon.

Brews & News

A quarterly cultivation event held at local breweries. The goal of this event is to invite current and future friends of the organization to join us in networking, organizational updates, and celebration of MIA achievements in a relaxed environment.

I Got Your Back! Gala

Our biggest fundraiser for the organization. This event is held once a year (normally in September).

Colfax Marathon

A yearly running event held in conjunction with the Denver Colfax Marathon. Participants raise money and awareness for Mirror Image Arts through peer-to-peer fundraising.

Individual Donors

All board members must be individual donors, and should give at an amount that is meaningful to them. If you give to multiple organizations, we ask that your prioritize Mirror Image Arts in your giving.

Board members assist in individual donor cultivation by ideating on people in their network who might be interested in becoming individual donors. Board members also assist with potential donor cultivation meetings.

Individual Donor Highlights:

Repeat Defenders

Repeat Defenders are the backbone of Mirror Image Arts. They ensure we are sustainable for years to come through their monthly donations.

End of Year Giving

Once a year (generally beginning Giving Tuesday in Nov through December 31st), Mirror Image Arts runs an individual donor giving campaign to solicit current and new donors to contribute to our efforts.


Board members work to approach corporations for financial sponsorship of the organization or events.

Grants and Program Revenue

Board members are always welcomed to assist in the research, writing, editing, and/or feedback cycles of grant writing. Share what you’re interested in when ready.

Have you got a fabulous idea of where we our programming should go? Let us know! Board members can share any contacts they have in their network regarding Mirror Image Arts’ programming. Our program staff members are always happy to meet with your potential contacts.

Email: Bailey Madden,