It Takes a Village -Joe Hickman

June 24, 2019 | in Uncategorized

Joe Hickman Colfax X

Joe – dressed in black taking his role as fundraiser very seriously during the Colfax Marathon 5k!

This week in our volunteer feature series, “It Takes a Village”, we celebrate Joe Hickman. Joe believed in us and in our mission at a time where our village was so small, it might not have even qualified as a village! His dedication to supporting youth, his critical business acumen, his understanding of the power of arts and his engagement with advocacy and fundraising have ensured we are thriving today.

Over 3 years ago, I sat in a coffee shop across the table from Andrea Rabold, the executive director of Mirror Image Arts. We were interviewing each other to determine if I would join the Board of Directors. She zeroed in on the primary question on her heart. Was I willing to help this organization move from the Start-up phase into and through the Growth stage? 3 years ago, I sat in my first board meeting as a director as we sought to define our mission and vision, and agonized over whether we would have funds. Yesterday, I sat in another board meeting, and my heart overflowed as I reflected on the journey to where we are today. The previous Tuesday, I had the privilege of witnessing kids step forward with empathy and intent, as Maya Osterman, our Program Manager, challenged them to change the flow of a conflict situation. In the board room yesterday, Meghann Henry, our Program and Partnership Director, painted a picture of a respected organization in demand, our reputation beginning to grow nationally, sought out rather than seeking.

Yes, the 3 years between my first and the latest meeting have seen the pain of growth, but overriding that has been the joy of participating in this journey with an enviable staff that has grown from one to three full-time and four part-time, and a current board of caring, committed members dedicated to the vision we began crafting 3 years ago, Young People Positively Impacting Their Communities.

-Joe Hickman