Empowerment is Contagious

Empowerment is Contagious

By Erin Jorgenson, Mirror Image Arts Founder

A few months ago Mirror Image Art’s fearless leader Andrea Rabold called me to tell me that MIA is 10 years old this year. The first thing I said when she told me that was “you and I have been friends for 10 years?!” After we hung up I starting thinking how strange it was that that was my first thought. I have been around the non profit world for as long as I can remember, an organization making it to the ten year mark is a big deal. An ARTS organization making it to the
ten year mark is a VERY BIG DEAL. I am prouder than I ever thought possible. Still. That wasn’t my first thought. Huh.

In retrospect, my friendship with Andrea was exactly the right response and not strange at all. In fact, in my mind, it is the whole point. Mirror Image Arts is about relationships. About reaching into someone’s life and changing it forever. Andrea did that for me, and I’m sure if you ask her, she would say I did the same. That is the magic of Mirror Image Arts. Every single day, their work reaches into the lives of kids and changes them. Forever.

Teaching kids that their voices matter enables them to use that voice to make a change, a choice that creates empowerment. Empowerment is contagious and once you feel it’s power, you want to spread it around. This is how the world changes, becomes more equal, kinder and stronger. This is progress, plain and simple. I am amazed at this organization and the people involved in it, all of you. The staff, the volunteers, the kids, the donors. Because of your dedication, your hearts and souls, there are 10 candles on MIA’s birthday cake. And that fills me with so much awe and gratitude that it is difficult to speak. Which, if you know me, is saying something. Give. Give to this organization. Know that your money is being used to reach into the life of someone who needs you, who needs to be seen, to be heard, to feel love. It’s even better than a new pair of shoes, which again, if you know me, is saying something. And its contagious too.

Much love,
Erin Jorgenson
Founder and forever champion