Dear contributors at Mirror Image Arts

December 05, 2018 | in Uncategorized

Dear Andrea and all the amazing contributors at Mirror Image Arts,

My name is Erin Mead and I am a mother of two boys, Dylan and Brady. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for everything you do each day to make this world a better place for mine and so many other children. Parenting is not an easy journey and doing it in a time that is so very frightening is even harder. It is so easy to be discouraged raising children when everything around us seems to scream hate, violence, and intolerance. Then there are days when you see a little light. Your organization is one of those guiding lights. I am so very proud to be a witness to that. What you do is so incredibly important, significant, and courageous. You do not only enrich the lives of the people you come in contact with, but every single person that they come in contact with as well. What you do can not only improve the lives of the children and teachers today but tomorrow. It is a message that resonates not only in the present but the future as well. I know your journey is not one that is always easy. There are not always applause, awards, or thanks. There are circumstances that you witness that can make it discouraging. Sometimes you may feel as though your message is not being heard or appreciated, but know that you do make a difference. If one child hears they are not alone when they feel different, you are making a difference. If one child thinks about what you have taught them and sticks up for another child on the playground, you are making a difference. If one child feels a little safer in your presence, you are making a difference. If one child finds their voice, their courage, their worth, you are making a difference. I am just a mother if two little boys, 8 and 11. In a big world, I am insignificant, but because I have been blessed to know Andrea and see all that you do, I have faith that this world is a better place because of Mirror Image. This world is a better place because you exist and you choose to do a little more every day to make it better. Thank you. Thank you for your work, your art, your tenacity, and your commitment.

Yours truly,
Erin Mead