Two Performers On Stage

Our Approach

Our Theatre…

Listens deeply and comes from a place of curiosity.

Seeks to understand humanity by investigating intrinsic motivation and root cause.

Amplifies the voices of the oppressed.

Creates physical and emotional environments that inspire dialogue.

Provides the “freedom to fail” – to make a bold choice, revise, and come back stronger.

Collaborates with artists and non arts organizations.

Reflects both the beauty and complexity of society to open minds and hearts.

Develops a physical, visual, and emotional memory in participants to support intellectual concepts.

Our Theatre is Social Change. Change is inevitable and without it life/humanity stops…our theatre is a fight for survival.

Our Programs

All of our programs are designed to focus on and strengthen positive rather than negative behaviors. We have intentionally designed our programming to take place over the course of months so that we have enough time to build robust, meaningful relationships. We feel this is vital as Mirror Image Arts works to serve as a positive role model for youth who may not have one in their lives. To do this, we use social-emotional learning to build empathy and understanding in young people so they can make better decisions when faced with difficult situations. The youth we work with are considered “at-risk” due to socioeconomic challenges, and many are dealing with the effects of complex trauma due to violence, abuse, and extreme poverty. Our approach uses proven methods to offer youth an opportunity to not just learn new techniques, but to practice them – through theatre – to be ready for real life.

Professional theatre artists facilitate all of our programs. These artists also receive training in facilitation, partnership practices, classroom management, cultural responsiveness, positive youth development, trauma informed care, and restorative justice.

Theatre in and after School


This program practices empathy by identifying the differences between joking, mean moments, bullying, and conflict. Youth reflect on their own experiences through scenarios in a play, and they perform new choices that could be made in future difficult situations. Our goal for this program is to support social-emotional learning in young people, ages 8-21, throughout the Denver Metro. This program is ongoing and employs four curriculum:

  • Your Voice Matters (1 session, 90 min)
  • Finding Your Voice (6-14 sessions, 60-90 min)
  • Shaping Your Voice (6-12 sessions, 60-90 min)
  • You, Me, WE! (5-6 sessions, 60 min)

Your Voice

Theatre in the Juvenile Justice System


“Restorative Theatre” addresses incarcerated youth’s need for social-emotional wellbeing as they face the deconstruction of identity and isolation created by the constructs of the juvenile justice system. The goal for this program is to build self-awareness, relationships, and resilience through theatre activities and performance with youth, ages 12-21, in Denver Youth Corrections facilities. This program series is ongoing and includes the following curriculum over the course of a year:

  • Improvisation – 8 sessions, 2 hours
  • Perform a Play – 12 sessions, 2 hours
  • Create a Play – 12 sessions, 2 hours


“Joining the Ensemble”, is for formerly incarcerated youth on parole. The goal of this program is to provide a supportive, creative community to youth who have participated in Restorative Theatre in the system as they reintegrate back into society. With 2-3 touch-points a month (participating in rehearsals, mentorship meetings, taking youth to see professional theater), this year-round program seeks to provide a pipeline to employment. If youth participate fully for the whole year, they have the opportunity to audition to become a teaching artist with Mirror Image Arts.

Restorative Theatre

Theatre In Community Centers


In this program, we use theatre to create reflections of a community and its current state. During the course of 6 months, youth participate in the process of making an original theatre piece that reflects their experiences in the community in order to promote understanding, empathy and compassion between youth, site staff, and the community at large. Each program is unique to its community.

It Starts With Us

Theatre for Professional Development


Through interactive theatre performances and drama based activities Mirror Image Arts provides professional development opportunities to youth serving professionals. Content is based in positive youth development, culturally responsive teaching, and trauma-informed care practices in addition to Mirror Image Arts’ own best practices in facilitating programs for and with young people. Our goal with these workshops is providing practitioners with a safe space to try new techniques and to reflect on current practices. The workshops can be stand-alone or stacked together to create a cumulative experience. Below are our current curriculum:

  • Community Building
  • Coming from Curiosity
  • Leading through your Authentic Voice
  • Building Relationships with Youth
  • Bullying Awareness
  • Classroom Management
  • Restorative Practices

Rehearsal For Reality