When we bring our fun, interactive, and challenging programs to Denver area schools we give the students a strong message: Your Voice Matters! Your Actions Matter!

This year, with your help, we’d like to add to that mantra: Your Miles Matter! For the first time, Mirror Image Arts is proud to be an official Charity Partner of the 2015 Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon! On Sunday, May 17th, members and friends of our organization will be hitting the streets of Denver to run, have fun, and raise awareness for Mirror Image Arts.

You’re invited to come run with us! We’ll be forming special running teams, called “I’ve Got Your Back” Relay Teams, to participate in the Colfax Marathon’s exciting 5-person relay race. Instead of tackling a marathon alone, each team member gets to run a few miles of the course, with the final team member crossing the finish line at the end of the marathon. It really accents our belief that, if we work together, we can accomplish some pretty remarkable things!


Of course, if you’re the kind of athlete who would prefer to run the marathon or half-marathon by yourself, we would love to have you onboard, too! (And, quite frankly, we’re super impressed!) After the race, Mirror Image Arts will have an informational booth set up near the finish line, where race finishers will have the chance to learn about all the ways we’re working to bring an end to bullying in our Colorado schools and communities.

If you’re interested in running with us, or if you’d like to volunteer for the event, you can e-mail for all the information you need to get started!

We hope you can join us!


Become an Upstander for your community by joining the Mirror Image Arts Youth Advisory Team.

We are looking for youth between the ages of 11-18 who are interested in theatre and/or social action. Mirror Image Arts uses theatre as a language to inspire dialogue, encourage awareness and promote action in order to build a strong, compassionate and empowered community. Together we will devise a Social Justice theatre piece that reflects youth – their voice, passions and the change they want to be to an audience of community leaders. In addition, through involvement in the the Youth Advisory Team, youth will lend their experiences, opinions, and creative problem solving skills to help shape how our organization serves them and their peers through our current bullying prevention program, “Your Voice Matters”. The Mirror Image Arts Youth Advisory Team will meet monthly starting in March. As we develop our performance piece we will meet more frequently to rehearse in May based on team members schedules.

If you or someone you know is interested in this leadership opportunity, please contact Meghann Henry at


My name is Sam Provenzano and I am a Teaching ARTist for Mirror Image Arts. During the recent development of our 6 week after-school program, I was asked to become the lead facilitator for the project. I said yes without hesitation!

The first 6-week program held simultaneously some of the most challenging and easy moments at Mirror Image Arts for me. I say easy because the curriculum had so much freedom inside of it, that it was easy for me to trust the process. Meghann and Laura developed a fleshed out curriculum but were open and willing to grow it as we put it on its feet. It was a fun process because they had already done their research and I got to come in and play! I loved it. I felt very supported in voicing my opinion and became a co-collaborator in it’s development. The challenging part was getting to the point where I trusted what I was doing. I am glad I had this opportunity to facilitate this with a generally small student turn out. It gave me the flexibility and confidence to try on this new curriculum. see more

I was really affected by the students in the program. With such a small group, it was easy to see where students wanted to share and where they were protecting themselves. After one student opened up about being bullied, I couldn’t stop thinking about him for a week. I had forgotten really how raw and mean people can be. I live in a very PC and polite everyday world so it shook me to reconnect directly to that harsh environment full of embarrassment and self doubt. I understand bullying is a real everyday struggle for many people, but this student put it into a real perspective that I hadn’t seen in awhile.

I am nervous and excited for the next one. I think this program is fun for students while still challenging them to be creative and brave. I am nervous because a larger group will be a brand new learning experience. But because I trust the curriculum, I can’t wait to see what form future programs take.


We want to extend a heart felt “Thank You” for all of our supporters who attended our Holiday Variety Show. Because of their generosity, we were able to raise $1,700. This is a wonderful step towards our fundraising goal of $25,000 over the next six months. Reaching this goal will provide Mirror Image Arts with a sustainable future, so that we can continue to change and save lives.

Please help us to continue this momentum by becoming a Mirror Image Arts’ Repeat Defender and by telling your friends, family, and colleagues about Mirror Image Arts, so they too can have the opportunity to join us as we empower Denver youth and build a stronger more empathic community.

You are our heroes. And we thank you. Happy Holiday!


The Mirror Image Arts’ “I Got Your Back!” Program Showcase and Fundraiser was a wonderful success. Our great thanks to all of the wonderful donors and volunteers that made the evening possible. After such a success, we are even more motivated to bring our programming to the community! To keep this amazing work available to our youth, we need your help. If you were unable to attend the event, it’s not too late to show your support.

The true cost to Mirror Image Arts for a single workshop is $1500. Because of generous contributions from people like you, we are able to bring our program to schools for only $300 which ensures youth across the socioeconomic spectrum equal access to our important message. The best way you can help us is by becoming a Mirror Image Arts “Repeat Defender” and signing up to make a set donation of an amount of your choosing each month via PayPal on our Ways to Give page. Or, consider making a one-time donation.

We believe in what we are doing. We’re asking you to stand with us. Thank you for your support.


Mirror Image Arts recently launched its Two-day program at Merrill Middle School. While all programs have stumbles, the challenges were welcomed and met. The result?

A great success. 

“The Mirror Image Arts “Your Voice Matters” program was an engaging and interactive workshop for our students that not only challenged them to think critically about bullying but also empowered them with the tools to make changes in our school community.  Mirror Image provided an extremely valuable social and emotional learning opportunity for our students and we look forward to working with them again very soon,”

Merrill Middle School Community Engagement Specialist, David Edmonds.

Thanks to the students, teachers and staff at Merrill Middle School!