Our work is a subset of applied theatre. Applied theatre occurs in non-traditional settings such as schools, libraries, recreation centers, etc. It is facilitated by professional actors/teaching artists and involves people working as a community to address an issue of social concern. Applied theatre does not merely create a public performance, it interacts with its audience through questions and discussion that focus on relevant issues in their lives.


Our techniques are rooted in the best practices and proven methods of renowned theatre directors, authors, and activists Augusto Boal, and Michael Rohd. Our work is enhanced by the “mantle of the expert” and “teacher in role” approaches defined and developed by drama teacher and academic, Dorothy Heathcote. The forum model we will use has been refined by educator and playwright, Laurie Brooks. We utilize the Scholastic Problem Solving Method as a foundation for all of our problem solving activities.


– It gives youth the opportunity to learn experientially and “rehearse” for real life ensuring greatest potential for long-term impact.
– It allows youth to engage in scenarios, dramas and conflict that are familiar and disturbing from a safe distance.
– It enables youth to watch and interact with dramatic characters as real people.
– It stimulates discovery and draws participants into rich dialogue that encourages empathy, changes in perspective, and elicits self-recognition and self-confidence.
– It exposes youth to critical thinking and problem solving skills they can use in their daily lives.